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Toronto Planning Review Panel

PAD is continually on the lookout for models of how ordinary people can be involved in public decision making. In north America, one example is the Toronto Planning Panel, which represents a pioneer effort to engage citizens in the process of city planning. The Planning Review Panel is a 32-member advisory body consisting of residents selected through a randomized process called a Civic Lottery. This process helps ensure that the members of the Toronto Planning Review Panel represent the diversity of Toronto’s population, while broadening engagement by bringing new voices into the planning process.

The Planning Review Panel is helping the City Planning Division guide growth and change in Toronto. They have been asked by the Chief Planner to work together over the course of two years to provide City Planning with informed public input on major planning initiatives. Members are tasked, in particular, with helping to ensure that these initiatives are aligned with the values and priorities of all Torontonians.

Watch THIS VIDEO explaining the Toronto process.

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