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We're building support for the resolution presented on this page.  If you're willing to sponsor it and are a delegate for 2021-2023, please email your name and district to or use this google form:

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The A B C of it

A. The resolution addresses the influence of special interest money on the initiative process in California, where a recent Public Policy Institute poll showed that 90% of Californians believe that the initiative process is controlled at least in part by special interests.

B. The resolution asks CDP to support including in the official CA state voter pamphlet brief, plain language ballot-proposition statements developed by a body of voter peers that provide balanced, objective information to voters.

C. A similar program developed in Oregon, the Citizens' Initiative Review (CIR), has successfully modeled this concept as a fair, democratic, and representative solution to problems with the ballot measure system. We can't stop deceptive ads because of First Amendment issues, but we can neutralize them.

The resolution mentions (without naming) the Citizen's Initiative Review (CIR) process in Oregon. It omits naming the CIR  because CIR is written into Oregon law, and CDP resolutions do not advocate for legislation, just the underlying principles. Below you'll find background on CIR, the text of the resolution, and some supplemental information that may answer your questions. Need to ask something? Please Email


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Ten Questions Answered:

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Citizen Statements Resolution

If you support the resolution and are a delegate elected/appointed in 2021

Please use the link below and provide your name, district, and email on the Google form.


To the right, Healthy Democracy, which conducts the Oregon Citizens' Initiative Review (CIR) process.

To the left, the CIR Research Project, which contains independent evaluation and review of every CIR panel.

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