Public Democracy LA

On December 8, 2022, Public Access Democracy sponsored Public Democracy LA, “What if the People Governed?” an interactive online introduction to citizens’ assemblies and how they can empower breakthroughs in local democracy. Co-hosted by the Berggruen Institute, The American Public Trust, Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College, and Public Access Democracy, this 90-minute online teach-in brought together advocates and experts on

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Represent California

Represent California is Public Access Democracy’s call for a constitutional assembly in California with delegates selected by lot.  Written in 1879, California’s unwieldy constitution does not provide tools adequate to solve modern problems of housing, water, recall, districts, initiatives, commissions, budget, and taxation. An assembly with delegates selected by lot would incorporate a richness of

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Citizens’ Initiative Review in California?

PAD is currently campaigning to bring the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review process to California. In recent years big financial interests have used the initiative process to get propositions passed that were not in the voter and taxpayer interest. The flood of special interest, partisan advertising, while purporting to educate voters, in many cases misinforms the

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